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Depression Content

It's a great question: How do I cope with anxiety?

While there are no easy answers, there are some clear approaches you can take.

It all starts with learning more about what anxiety is FOR YOU.

How you experience anxiety is not the same way that your friends or family experience anxiety.

Often going hand in hand with depression, anxiety can be a shapeshifter.

It can stem from the body, the mind, or your relationships.

What starts off as social anxiety can soon manifest in your thoughts and body.

The mission of The Mental Health Update is to put anxiety in simple, accessible terms.

If you can't understand anxiety, how can you do anything about it?

So explore all of the anxiety posts here in this section.

Mental health articles don't need to be technical and boring--they can be meaningful and help you make sense of your own life.

I Don't Care About Anything Anymore [This Word Matters When You Don't Care About Life]

There is one word that describes the feeling of not caring about anything. It's "anhedonia." Even if you haven't heard of it, you can learn about it fast--AND get a plan to help you start caring again.


Destroy "Why Do I Hate Myself?" With 10 Mindset Shifts

You don't have to hate yourself. I know it feels like there's no way through this, but these steps will help. Steps 3 and 4 especially changed my life for the better.


Pretending To Be Happy? Why Acting Happy and Fake Happiness Don't Work

When I was suffering from depression years ago, I thought I had to pretend to be happy to get through it. I thought I had to let everyone know that I was OK, that nothing was wrong with me. But it made it much worse. Here's why.