My Authentic
Mental Health Poetry Book

A Timeless Collection
of Healing Poems and Short Essays

In Search of Happiness is finally here!

After a half-lifetime of struggling and three years of getting my thoughts down onto the page, my first book is final here.

In Search of Happiness is not your typical poetry book. In fact, many people who've read it told me that it was the first poetry book they ever liked.

This book is a vulnerable documentation of something we all share.

And that something is mental health.

The book is now available in e-book and paperback format.

Here's a screenshot from the product page two weeks after publishing.

Poetry has a way of jolting you awake and stirring your soul in a way that regular writing does not. 

If you've ever felt lost, if you've ever struggled with mental health issues like I have, you'll find something that resonates in this book.