Best Resources for Depression Art With Deep Meanings and Mental Illness Drawings

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When you're dealing with depression, it can be so difficult to find the words to describe what you're feeling.

When I was diagnosed with major depression years ago, I had a hard time even maintaining one stream of thought, let alone try to describe, in intricate detail, how I was feeling.

As a highly sensitive person, art has helped me make meaning however I happen to be feeling

The problem is, when you're living with depression, it can feel like a chore to do anything--and that includes trying to find good art.

There's a tendency for sites to focus on extreme aspects of mental illness rather than making mental health resources as helpful and accessible as possible.

I've put in the time to save you time.

From mental illness drawings to depression paintings, you're bound to find something that speaks to you in the resources I've curated below.

Depression Art With Deep Meanings: Resources To Help You Make Sense of the Symptoms of Depression

There are so many sites on the Internet that have just copied the same information as others without taking the time to explain what it means to them.

Meaning is everything.

You don't want one size fits all when dealing with your unique mental health experiences.

You don't need to be blasted with random lists when you're trying to manage severe depression.

So, here are the sites I recommend if you're looking for depression art with deep meanings.

I've included a short description of why I think the site is worth your time, including a sample of the type of depression art you can expect to find there.

Depression Art Resource # 1: Indie Artists Featured On Bored Panda (An Eye-Opening Collection of Mental Illness / Mental Health Drawings)

This is the first of two resources from Bored Panda, a site that has been around for a while and has mastered the list post.

This artist goes by DestinyBlue, and you'll be amazed by what she's able to create with her computer.

The one I'm sharing below especially moved me.

One Artist's Amazing Depression and Anxiety Drawings With Deep Meaning Made in Photoshop


Artist: DestinyBlue


This second link also comes from Bored Panda, and it shows a variety of artists.

This is probably more of what you think of when you think of "art," but I encourage you to keep exploring the other resources because I feature a sculptor who lived with depression and, lastly, a way to learn about art that you may not have thought of before.

A Variety of Artists Describe Depression in More Traditional Styles


Artist: Steven Herbers


Depression Art Resource #2: Famous Paintings Featured on Cultura Colectiva


This is a really nice site. If you're looking for something that's a bit more professional / created by people who understand the art industry and art history, this is where you need to go.

I shared this painting by Van Gogh because I've been mesmerized by his work for years.

Visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam was probably the best museum experience I've ever had. 

Van Gogh's art is haunting, and it's probably because of how mentally tortured the man was. I can relate.

At Eternity's Gate – Vincent van Gogh



Depression Art Resource #3: Daily Art Magazine Tells the Depression Stories of Famous Artists

I didn't know anything about this sculptor, and I'm glad there are respected resources like Daily Art Magazine to educate about the artists of long ago.

Greek Sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas

mental illness and art Chalepas Yannoulis Chalepas, Sleeping Female Figure


Depression Art Resource #4: Quora (Learning from the experiences of real people)

Bet you didn't see this one coming.

Who would think that Quora is a good place to learn about art? I definitely didn't.

But sometimes the best way to make meaning of your depression is from real people who are trying to make sense of it themselves.

Quora is a massively popular Q & A site, and you're bound to get some interesting perspectives you haven't considered before.

People answer the question: What is the most depressing painting you have ever seen?

I hope you enjoyed these depression art resources. If you have any feedback, or a resource you want to share with me, send me an email at

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