Hi there, I'm Jordan. I'm a mental health advocate and social worker who believes in the power of authentic mental health content.

I started The Mental Health Update to empower others with accessible, meaningful mental health information. Each issue contains helpful mental health articles and actionable strategies to improve your mental health.

I'm glad you're here.

Featured Posts on The Mental Health Update:

Master Your Personal Growth

Care Too Much About Something? How to Make it Work For You

Do you care too much about something but you're not making progress with it? That often means you don't have a clear process. Here's how to make a "care workflow."


How to Create Adaptable Routines For Great Mental Health

Routines don't need to be perfect. They need to be flexible. In fact, a better word is in order. They need to be adaptable. Here's how I do it and improve my mental health in the process.


Big Changes in Life Mean You Must Do This

Big changes to your world trigger other changes. And you might not like what's happening. But you're part of it. You must learn to adapt.


How to "Get Over It"

My heart surgery was something I thought I'd never get over. But soon the details started to fade. Here's a story that can teach you how to get ever whatever you're obsessing about.


Why the Inner Work is the Most Important Kind

The best way to improve your life is to do the inner work. Improve yourself, and you'll find it much easier to change the world around you. This post will show you how.