Hi there, I'm Jordan. I'm a mental health advocate and social worker who believes in the power of authentic mental health content.

I started The Mental Health Update to empower others with accessible, meaningful mental health information. Each issue contains helpful mental health articles and actionable strategies to improve your mental health.

I'm glad you're here.

Featured Posts on The Mental Health Update:


Why Perception is Important in Relationships

There is something that impacts relationships be cannot be seen. It's perception. Both your perception and others' perception. Once you understand perception, you have the power to improve your relationships.


Validation: When (and When Not) to Validate Others

Should you always validate others? It seems like a no-brainer. But it's actually not always helpful. Learn when (and when not) to validate other people.


Why Uncomfortable Conversations are Good

You may dread them, but uncomfortable conversations are a part of life. Here's why they can be a good thing.


Your Relationships and Mental Health: How They Fit Together

Your relationships impact your mental health more than you realize. When you learn about the social context fo mental health, you learn how to optimize how you think and feel. Your relationships and mental health go together.


Energy Vampires in Your Life? Here's What to Do

Vampires are real. At least, the kinds that steal your energy are. It's time to figure out if this is happening to you--and what you can do about it.