My 3 Best Mental Health Poems About Depression

I hope you enjoy three of my best depression poems from my first book, In Search of Happiness.

You Can't Write Poetry About Depression

You can’t write poetry about depression

You have to feel it

It has to seep out of your bones

It has to leak out of your eyes

The poetry is in the becoming

the shifting feeling

the falling breath

the terror of monotony

the naked desperation

the losing of hope

and the long wondering if it will ever return

You can’t write poetry about depression

You have to experience it

You have to know it like a brother

And you have to hate it

so much that you use it

you terrorize it

for what it did to you

Until you see the sudden strength

hidden within the darkness

Until you become the darkness

and in so doing

you realize

you’ve always had the light

Shame is a  Box

Shame is a box.

Silence, its walls.

Inside, the air is stale.

Nothing gets in.

Nothing goes out.


the lingering, rancid stench of shame.

And shame is not an easy feeling to handle.

If it feels oppressive, it’s because it  is oppressive.  

Of all the tools in the public’s tool belt, shame packs a hefty punch.

Social media missives become missiles,


to destroy.

Sent to enclose the person in his box, inside of his shame.

The world feels small in there.

But a box is a box,

not a castle.

It’s not an impenetrable fortress.

That’s the funny thing about shame.

The walls are made of silence,

and they can be walked through at any time.

It’s the fear of failure, of annihilation,that keeps the person contained

within the walls of shame.

But there is a way out.

It starts with truth, and it comes from within.

It’s a budding awareness

that grows and grows until the person in the box

outgrows the box — and slides through the walls of shame.


truth knows no bounds.

Self-love is shapeless.

It’s a chameleon.

Because it knows no shape, its potential is unlimited.

That which is formless fits no box

Hope is a Funeral

Hope is a battle

A broken dream

A mist, a swamp, a fire

Hope is not what you think it is

It’s an uplifting funeral pyre

If these three mental health poems spoke to you, I have many more like them--in addition to many that are not about depression, but other common mental health issues--in my 5-star-rated debut mental health poetry book In Search of Happiness: HealingThrough Mental Health Poetry.

Mental health issues are not only common, they are a part of who we are.

We all deal with them, so we might as well try to understand them.