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Not being able to sleep is the worst.

Not only is it incredibly frustrating, but being unable to get a good night's sleep is also linked to mental health and physical health issues.

Sleep is when your brain clears out all the crud that has built up throughout the day, and if you haven't slept well in multiple days, that's a lot of crud that's still in there.

Fortunately, there are things you can try to get some deep sleep.

One of the best ways to improve your sleep hygiene and fall asleep fast is to schedule wind-down time before bed.

And one of the best activities for wind-down time is listening to calm, sleeping music.

Many studies suggest that listening to music can have a positive impact on sleep quality.

Music has been shown to improve sleep quality for elementary-school-age children, older adults, and, specifically, older women.

I couldn't find a resource with a list of good songs for sleeping, so I built my own list.

If you're having sleep difficulties, give one of these videos a try.

I broke the videos down by type of music to make it easier to find one you'll like based on your personality and musical preferences.

Relaxing Sleeping Music With Rain

What I like about this one is not only the beautiful piano but the soft rain falling in the background.

I don't know about you, but there's something about the soothing monotony of rainfall.

This is another good one, but I feel that the piano takes up a bit too much space.

The piano is a little too active for me, but everyone's brain is different, so you might enjoy this one.

Ambient Music for Sleep

This sleeping music is nice if you like ambient sounds and synthesizers.

Ambient music can be nice for sleeping because it doesn't focus on the traditional structure and melodies that most songs have.

I struggle to listen to "regular" music when it's sleep time because I'll start paying attention to melodies or lyrics.

Ambient music lacks the typical movement and animation of typical songs, producing an almost hypnotic, reverberating quality.

This track is by a Norwegian composer named Peder Helland, so if you like his music, be sure to check out more of his songs on his website.

In fact, if you search for "ambient music," it won't take you long to realize that composer Peder Helland has carved out quite the niche for himself.

This next one is a whopping 12 hours long, but you'll likely be asleep far earlier than that.

Helland, being the thoughtful guy he is, adds a black screen that cuts in after 50 seconds, making it easy for you to watch this video, listen to the music, and drift off to sleep.

Don't believe me?

Check out one of the top YouTube comments:

This absolutely soothed my soul. I was asleep within minutes.

Binaural Beats Added to Music for Sleep

You've probably come across this term before, but maybe you're not sure what it means.

It's not actually a type of music, which I assumed, but a sound method and strange thing that happens in your brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies.

The research is limited, but there seem to be calming benefits from binaural beats, which is an emerging form of sound therapy.

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