Alone Forever - Poems That Speak to the Meaning of Alone

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There was a time in my life that I thought I would be alone forever.

I've felt like a loner since I was a little kid.

I even remember making a birthday wish blowing out candles on my cake that I could one day be with someone who truly understood me.

Yes, I was an intense child prone to the dramatic.

What I realize now is that I just didn't have the words to describe what I was feeling.

Feeling alone doesn't have to be any particular way.

As I'm sure you know, you can be with someone, or be part of a group, and still feel completely alone.

And even though I'm married now, I still get that existential dread every once in a while that I'll be feeling alone forever.

As a writer, I've learned different ways to improve how I'm feeling.

Writing poetry is one of the best ways I know to describe an uncomfortable feeling.

Here are a few of my poems that speak to the word, thought, and feeling-state that is being "alone."

Poems That Speak to the Meaning of Alone

Alone Forever

It is a state

outside of the map

A direction

not yet created


is a way of life

For the lonely

Crowded spaces are tempting

but don't tempt me


being alone forever

is the destination

Alone forever

Forever alone

Words together

that mean nothing in this nation

The Meaning of You

It's a path

you must walk yourself

It's a home

you must build

brick by lonely brick

It's a storm

of brewing desire

where no one knows

the real you

It's how you make meaning

It's how you break bread

A fruitless pursuit

for something deeper

Are you alone when you move

to your heart's desire

And are you alone

when the world moves you

Revolutions lead to devolutions

And the more you spin together

The more you unravel

the meaning of you

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