Why Perception is Reality in Mental Health

Jordan Brown

Perception is reality. And perception is always mental health.

Bold statements?

I don't think so.

How you perceive the world shapes your world.

And how you shape your world ultimately comes to be who you are.

Life is Not What Happens to You

Life is not what happens to you.

Another bold claim?

No again.

Life is how you feel about what happens to you. If you think you have been wronged, you've been wronged. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

But what if others believe you have been wronged, but you don't see it that way.

Who's right?

Consider something else.

Life can be downright morbid.

That's one way it can be. It can also be uplifting. But where does morbidity end and uplifting begin? Life is always a spectrum, a series of spectra. Even the worst events have their silver lining, however small that thread might first seem. One color ultimately blends with another. The worst of our lives is inextricably connected to the best of our lives.

And what about those best parts? Why is it that they are so? What makes them special and other events abysmal? Is it because they are automatically the best, finalized and considered, without objection, and agreed to by all?

Or is it because they stand in relation to something else? Is it because the distance between the similarities and the differences is suddenly so vast?

All this ties back to something called perception, an always modulating force, self-correcting and re-correcting, on and on. Your perception can be narrow and biased one day and broadened and heightened the next. Your perception about your perception can change, so that the way you consider yourself now affects how you consider yourself in the future. It's all an envelope that continues to enclose on itself for eternity, a constant enfolding.

This Is It - Perception is Mental Health

Perception is mental health.

You'll notice that I didn't write it the other way around. It's because not all mental health is perception.

Mental health is a kaleidoscope of experiences, feelings, thoughts, wishes, dreams, forever and ever.

Perception is taking one of those factors and distilling it to its core. Whatever you feel in the moment, that's what it is. It's not all of the events that transpired and words people said, it's the full-feeling sense of the world, the full-body experience of what happened--and what is happening right now.

All this combines to make up your mental health.

Learn to trust your perception. Learn to understand it.

In the end, it's all there actually ever is.