Why I Started Tweeting Every Day About Mental Health

Jordan Brown

In this second video Mental Health Update, you'll get an awkward introduction from my cat, Lola, and some background info about why I started tweeting and writing every day about mental health.

(A friendly reminder, The Mental Health Update is now five days a week and will feature one video a week on the weekend, in addition to a separate weekend experimental issue. That's 3 written updates during the week, and then a video and an experiment on the weekend.)

I got such a fantastic response from the first video I did last weekend, that I decided to do another one sooner than I anticipated.

This time, I worked on improving the lighting a bit. Little by little, I'll figure this video thing out.

My original plan was to do a video breakdown of an old Mental Health Update issue, but Lola the Cat strolling by was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Without further ado, here's the second video for The Mental Health Update YouTube Channel. All feedback encouraged!

I need you to help me be less awkward. 😁

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