Need a Break From Life? Read This.

Jordan Brown

Are you extremely hard on yourself?

Do you doubt you can carry on at times?

I have news for you. You can keep going--and you will.

If you need to read this, read on.

If you don't, it's your choice what to do.

But I think this is something we all need to read right now.

Actually, it can apply to any day of our lives if we let it.

End of the World? Need a Break From Life?

In the moment, it feels like the end of the world. The moment is crushing. It's a blow to the heart and the soul. You know which moment I'm talking about.

It's the moment that you think it can't possibly get worse.

Well, it could. And how you respond might make it so.

Now, that's not meant to scare you or torment you. It's meant to wake you up to the power that is your life. You have this one life that you're living. This is it.

For a person who has dealt with mental health issues (all people, if we're being honest), there is a tendency to pass off problems to the mental health issues--or to whatever external factor we want to blame at the moment. This isn't helpful. It ties the blame onto something else, whereas we could very easily take responsibility and choose a new path forward. We could be the change. We could propel ourselves with new mindsets.

The Reason for the Rant

Why am I writing this?

Because difficult times seem impossible when we're in them. We suddenly forget the difficult times that we've already been through. We have this selective amnesia that prevents us from seeing the broader view, the view that could help us draw from our past experiences. Myopia is not our friend. But it's where we stay if we don't learn from our past and draw it into our present.

You have a place in the whole.

You're not a defenseless fly floating through the air, although life can certainly feel like that at times. You have more power than you realize. When you zoom in on worst-case scenarios, when you take the path of myopia, you relinquish your power to the world.

And that is dangerous because it's essentially leaving you defenseless. It's admitting that there's no more you could possibly do. When there's always more you could do. Whether it's one step forward or simply focusing your eyes on a new horizon.

Give Yourself a Break From Life

Give Yourself a Break Right Now

So give yourself a break. Lighten up on the mental load you're carrying. You've been down similar roads before. Of course, no road is exactly the same. Nothing will repeat itself as an exact replication.

But you do have lessons you can draw from. You can always push forward. No excuses.

It's not a matter of tough love. It's love, plain and simple.

Love yourself enough to know that you are capable of this moment. And the next one. And the next.