What Mother's Day Can Teach Us About Mental Health Mindsets

Jordan Brown

It's Mother's Day here in the U.S.

It's made me think about something.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a mother around.

My wife isn't.

And others? If they are fortunate to still have their mothers, they don't necessarily have mothers who treated them well.

It doesn't seem fair.

But this is how it is.

We get the hand that life deals us.

But that doesn't mean our mindset has to be fixed.

There are many mental health mindsets after all.

Mother's Day and Mental Health Mindsets

On days like this one, days when media and corporate attention is on the day itself, it can feel like you're being left out.

I love my mother.

She will read this, but she already knows that I love her.

I'm fortunate. I had a good upbringing free of major issues, but, still, I've had bad things happen to me.

How do you wrestle with a reality that you don't want, though?

How do you deal if you feel at odds with the world? Let's talk about that now.

When Life Deviates From the Norm

Life starts out one way. You accept it for what is. In fact, you probably don't give it much thought. Until something goes wrong. Until you start to feel at odds with the world.

Mother's Day is one day, but it conjures up images of perfection and idealistic landscapes. Of what should be. In some people's cases, of what could be.

Wherever you fall along this spectrum, you're entitled to how you feel. But there's something about national holidays that that tend to force conformity. And when you're the one who won't conform, it puts you at odds with the majority.

I can have a Mother's Day that is wonderful and to be expected. Even though I'm living across the country, I got to call my mom and have a nice talk. I got to hear her voice and remember all the good times that we've had so far.

Different Days are Not Bad Days

Here's the thing. A day is a day. It's one day of the year. Whether there is pressure on the day or not, on how you should act or not, it's still just one day.

And guess who's the arbiter of your feelings? You are. You get to take control of how you feel. The more time you spend in the mainstream media, the more swayed you will become.

Mother's Day is a U.S. holiday. There will always be another way of seeing the world. In fact, one guy told me on Twitter that today is Father's Day in Romania. Mother's Day in one part of the world and Father's Day in another. Yin and yang. Two sides of the emotional sphere.

Whatever is happened in your society, you exist at the level of one. You are a human being with a unique story and mindset.

What you do with your mindset will affect your story--and vice versa.

Accept what people call the day, and then decide for yourself.

It's how you'll find your own meaning.

It's how you'll find mental health in a world that keeps on spinning.