An Uplifiting Meditation On Hope

Jordan Brown

Hope is a fickle thing.

You have it, and then you don't.

You think everything is going back to normal, and then you receive crushing news.

And hope disappears.

But does it really?

Is hope ever really gone?

Meditation On Hope

Hope is like a flower. It appears on schedule, but you forget it's there at times. Sometimes, it's lurking beneath the surface, and you have to create your own flowers. You have to visualize them in your mind instead of seeing them for yourself.

We're going through a time in which it feels like there is hefty price to pay for hope. It feels way too expensive.

But what's interesting is that it's even more expensive to lose sight of hope.

You need hope like you need air. And yet we don't consider the price of air until it's gone. Until it's difficult to breathe. In this way, hope and air are linked.

How to Meditate on Hope

Where do you go if you can't find hope? What do you do if nothing is working?

You build a castle for hope. You construct the walls. You beautify the grounds. You create the space that will one day welcome hope in.

That's all you can do. The work.

And then, when you least expect it, hope appears. It's the flower that was never truly gone.

It's just something you couldn't see at the time.

Create the space for hope.

And then invite it in.