To Escape a Bad Mood, Notice Something New

Jordan Brown

You do the same thing most days. You take similar actions, and you follow similar routines.

Doing that helps save brain power, but it can also put you in a brain rut.

To boost your mental health, it can help to notice something new.

The Downside of Daily Routines

When I'm going about my day, I tend to notice the things that are most important to me. You probably do the same thing.

I've always been fascinated in human interaction, and so I notice the ways in which people talk to each other--what they say, how they say it, and how they move their bodies when they say it. I've always been this way.

You may notice something else. Perhaps you don't care much for the ways people interact at all. Maybe, instead, you have a keen eye for environments, both natural and man-made. We're all different, and we have different objects of focus. We're attracted to different experiences, and our perceptions enhance those experiences in different ways.

But like I said at the start, operating in similar ways is a good way to put yourself into a brain rut.

Escape a Bad Mood- Notice Something New

To get out of the brain rut, I propose you notice something new.

If you focus on human interaction like I do, maybe you could focus on sounds instead. What are the prevailing sounds you hear every day? If you're brain isn't used to working this way, it could be a challenge at first. And that's the point.

You want to challenge your brain to operate in new ways. Noticing something new is an enlivening way to do this.

If you notice colors, look for for the lack of them. If you notice words, focus on images for a bit. There's no right or wrong way to go about this.

What is true, though, is that we all need variety for an enriched life.

If you focus all of your mental health on one or two things, what will happen if those things go away? You need variety to protect yourself from inevitable storms.

And to get that variety, try to notice something new today.