Care Too Much About Something? How to Make it Work For You

Jordan Brown

I often get asked how I write this newsletter every day.

A big part of it is habits. But I also care about this. A lot.

Mental health is my passion. I think everything connects to it.

I'm sure there is something you care about with the same amount of energy that I put into writing about mental health.

Caring is a secret weapon that will allow you to shoot for the stars.

Let's operationalize it for you.

Find What You Care About

Before anything begins, the work ahead can seem impossible. It can feel like you have a mountain to climb without the correct gear to make the trek. This is a normal feeling.

But caring enough about something will push you to start the journey.

But wait. Let's back up first.What if you don't care about anything in this way? Dig deeper, I say.

You had the heart of a child once. You had dreams that you wanted to pursue. At some point, those dreams may have gone away. But they didn't die. They never do. They just recede into the background. Go find them--and bring them to the foreground.

Once you have your dreams back, it's time to get to work on them.

Putting Together the Puzzle

When I care about something strongly enough, I know I need to take the next steps. But what are the next steps? This is the part I find trips most people up. You can care about something, and you can know what you need to do, but still not take action.

Why is that?

Usually it's because the next steps aren't clear enough. And that's very much needed. Get the next steps crystal clear in your mind. Write them down if you need to. Sing them in a song if that's more your style. Whatever it takes, you have to get out of the dreaming phase and into the doing phase. The two don't need to be mutually exclusive.

Try out this approach to create a "care workflow"

If something is humming in the back of your mind, day after day, make note of it. It's singing and song to you for a reason. Don't question why you care about certain things; just notice that you DO.

Think about your ideal workflow. If everything worked out perfectly, how would you accomplish what you want to do? What would that look like? How would it feel? What would be the first step? The last step? Now fill in the blanks in the middle. Life isn't always linear. In fact, it hardly ever is. It's a puzzle you must piece together.

Finally, you must suspend your judgment. If you've made it this far, you've already suspended your judgment to learn a new approach for your life. And now I'm asking you to do it for yourself. That means you must trust the process you've created for yourself. It's not always going to feel natural. You will have doubts that make you question if you are caring about the wrong things. Only you can answer that. But, if you listen carefully enough, you will realize that what you care about is there for a reason. It serves a purpose.

And it's up to you to unveil that purpose.

If you don't take action, you'll never find it. But if you care--and if you pursue what you care about--the world will unfold for you in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.