Can't Make Decisions? Quickly Overcome Your Indecisive Anxiety

Jordan Brown

How do you make the hard decisions?

How do you get past the anxiety?

There are decisions that are simple--decisions like brushing your teeth in the morning or caring for your children.

And then there are other decisions--the decisions you know you need to make--but just can't bring yourself to do it.

In this article, you'll learn what those decisions are, and then you'll learn a simple method for making them so that you can move on with your life.

Can't Make Decisions? - Not Deciding Can Destroy Your Mental Health

Think about what's going on in your life right now.

Think about all the different things you're dealing with.

If you stop and think, I bet you can come up with more than ten situations that are weighing down the shifting sands that are your thoughts.

And I bet, if you really think about it, you can come up with one or two situations that are really weighing you down.

Those are the tough decisions I'm talking about. The big ones. The Big Kahunas. The Big Boppers. Ok...I'll stop.

Those are the decisions that, if left the way they are, will slowly erode your mental health and sap you of your energy.

I can't package those decisions into neat categories for you, but you know what they are. You know what they're doing to you.

For me, it was working with the founder of the business I manage to fire someone earlier this week.

And it was forcing the tough conversation with someone else that it was not only OK to take some time off to deal with life--it was absolutely expected.

After the decisions were made, we felt huge waves of relief.

I'm getting better at making these decisions faster and faster.

How you do that is what we're going to discuss right now.

How to Make Decisions - A Quick Strategy to Cure Indecisive Anxiety

Bob's tough decision: Do I get the apple...or the apple?[

Mental health is complex.

You know that, and I know that.

What doesn't need to be complex, however, are the strategies you use to improve your mental health.

This one strategy just happens to deal with decision-making, but I've covered others in the past.

Without further ado, here's the process I use to make decisions and overcome my indecisiveness

Now, it's not going to tell you HOW to decide. But it will inform you that a decision must be made.

1 - Ask yourself these questions

Is not making this decision hurting my quality of life? In other words, is not deciding in this situation preventing me from successfully carrying out my daily activities?

That's it.

Those are the questions.

If you can honestly answer them and admit to yourself that, by not making the decision, you are not able to carry out your daily activities without massive anxiety or some other form of emotional pain, then it's time to act.

2 - Make the decision.

That's the end of step two.

If you were expecting more here, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

This truly is the answer.

It's not so much about the decision you make as it is about making the decision, period.

This has been true over and over in my life.

Not deciding about the big things means that those big things boil away in your mind and steal your energy.

Making the decision sets those thoughts free.

Will you always make the right decision?

Probably not.

I don't.

But I know with every fiber of my being that making a big decision is better than letting that big decision eat away at me for days, weeks, or months.

Follow this simple process, and you'll cut down your decision-making time from months to days.

That's what I've done.

And my mental health has thanked me for it.